The Big List of Business Ideas for Small Business

The big list of Business Ideas

The Big List of Business Ideas for your Small Business.

Scan these Ideas and evaluate thoroughly if you believe the Idea you like has potential in your area.

smallB does not provide Project Reports / Technology details for the Ideas listed here at this point of time.

You must do your own research and make a detailed Business Plan / Detailed Project Report before you approach your Bank / Investors for Finance.

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Business Idea Description of the Idea Discuss Business Ideas Ratingssort ascending
Agriculture Consultancy The organization will give advice on which crops are best suitable to the particular conditions like climate, irrigation facilities, capital etc. For this the organization will take a consultancy fee.
Average: 4.3 (21 votes)
Online DVD Rental Allow people to rent DVDs online for a fixed fee
Average: 3.1 (49 votes)
Pet Shows The organization sets up pet shows in various cities at various times. In these events prizes are given to pets based on some categories. The revenues are generated by having many companies advertise their pet food items during the event.
Average: 3.2 (39 votes)
3D entertainment This is a new form of entertainment in India which provides an experience of virtual reality. Hence 3D, 4D and 5D theatres which provide new experience to the viewers are rapidly growing in India. And this experience is unique since it is multisensory.
Average: 4.4 (5 votes)
Pay as you Wish Restaurants In these restaurants, drinks have fixed prices but the customers decide how much to pay for the food. In these settings the customer usually pays the fair price and the restaurant can sometime still end up with a good profit.
Average: 4 (26 votes)
Food on wheels In a crowded and an expensive city like Mumbai, establishing a restaurant in a prime location would require a lot of initial investment which can be very difficult and risky to raise for aspiring entrepreneurs. In such a scenario, you can hire a van or invest in a van and use it as a mobile restaurant. This would reduce your required capital to a very significant extent and allow you to access the most prime locations at peak hours. Thus assuming that your product is unique and widely accepted, this concept would fetch you a good return on investment and in the long run you would find it easier to raise capital and actually establish a chain of restaurants.
Average: 4.1 (31 votes)
After Sales Services There is a drastic increase in the number of cars and vehicles due to the growning population. Therefore you may think about setting up an after sales service centre. It could cater to all the needs of the cars and provide them servicing. Also you may start a second hand dealership which could also be very profitable.
Average: 4.3 (24 votes)
Gramophone Records Many people like old music and also like listening it with the old style. This organization will cater to that.
Average: 4.3 (7 votes)
Weather Control Solutions Providing weather control solutions like solar shields for commercial or residential buildings so that the temperature and conditions remain optimum.
Average: 4.2 (15 votes)
Uniform Services Uniforms can be provided to school, sports teams, to security firms, hospitals and a whole host of other institutions.
Average: 4 (23 votes)
Selling Audio Books Online The website will allow people to buy and/or download audio books on a wide range of subjects, starting from cooking recipes to academic books.
Average: 4.1 (13 votes)
Importing products Import products from other countries for marketing in India.. China has emerged as the supplier for a large number of economical products.You may look at for a vast range of products which may have scope in India
Average: 3.9 (35 votes)
Vintage Coins Deal in the selling and buying of old Indian coins.
Average: 4 (20 votes)
bamboo shop An outlet selling Bamboo products like planks, tiles, balusters, mats, veneer, plywood, boards, etc.
Average: 4.2 (6 votes)
Managing Errands and Miscellaneous Tasks Providing and managing services for Errands, Deliveries, Drivers, Packing/Unpacking, Quick Cleanings, Vendor Research & Office work.
Average: 4 (30 votes)
Underwater Restaurant The restaurant will be below the sea or pool level. The walls will be made of a transparent material like acrylic or glass. Facilities should be present to reach this restaurant easily. This has the potential to be profitable due to Innovative concept
Average: 3.9 (34 votes)
Software Troubleshooting Get into contracts with major software providers to solve customer problems.
Average: 4.1 (16 votes)
Nutritionist Nutrition is big in everybody's minds these days. People want to live longer, eat healthier, think smarter and weigh less.  As a nutritionist, you or your organization will help your clients achieve all these goals through a variety of techniques. You can act as a consultant to restaurants and food manufacturers or act as a personal Dietician, give classes and seminars, or work with health clubs and health-conscious companies.
Average: 4 (22 votes)
Wedding Planners This is a growing service. Plan weddings from start to finish for your clients.
Average: 4.1 (19 votes)
Network Marketing Business This is mainly a type of business which is compatible with which ever section of society you are from or whatever product you use on a daily basis.This can either be done as a Franchise, a Re-seller or a Manufacturer.
Average: 4.6 (67 votes)
Tribal Art Tribal art is a long lost culture in most States. Revive this in your State by buying articles made by this art directly from the tribals and then selling it to the people.
Average: 4.1 (16 votes)
Security Solutions Provide end to end security solutions, from guards to security systems.
Average: 4.2 (20 votes)
Mover For Pet Transportation Normally while moving from one place to another, people find it difficult to move pets. The organization helps in easy transportation of these pets.
Average: 4 (26 votes)
Social Networking Site for Musicians The organization will have a website which allows musicians to put up their portfolios, audios or videos and people can hire them directly through the site. The site will take some commission for the jobs given.
Average: 4.1 (12 votes)
Language Lessons People are providing a variety of language lessons these days. If you are proficient in a language, this would be relatively easy to implement.
Average: 4.1 (14 votes)
Providing Cooling Solutions Providing cooling solutions for industries or households.
Average: 3.8 (18 votes)
Cleaning Services Provide cleaning services in offices via a contract with the company.
Average: 4.1 (11 votes)
Raw Food Restaurant Start a restaurant for people who are health conscious. The restaurant will serve an assortment of fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains.
Average: 4 (29 votes)
Installation of Appliances Either go into a contract with the company (or distributor) or directly approach the customer to install ithe appliance.
Average: 4.1 (22 votes)
Total Quality Management Consultancy The organization gives assistance to other companies to improve the quality of the products and the efficiency of operations for a fee.
Average: 4.2 (15 votes)
Welding Equipment Providing welding equipment to other organisations for easy joining.
Average: 4.1 (17 votes)
Consultancy Services are being provided in many fields. For example: management, finance, legal and marketing. If you are a professional you may want to think about consultancy.
Average: 4 (24 votes)
Home Repair Services Provide services for home repair, ranging from electronics, plumbing, painting and other minor contracting services. You can choose to provide all these services as one business.
Average: 4.1 (10 votes)
Leather Raw Materials Provide raw materials to the prominent leather industry in India
Average: 4.1 (17 votes)
Export of Poultry Leftovers In some countries, some parts of the meat is eaten which is not eaten at other places. This organization will export to these countries this meat.
Average: 4.1 (17 votes)
Owning a Franchisee This requires a high initial capital but then managing the organisation is not difficult as the parent organisation will provide the required skills and expertise.
Average: 4.1 (9 votes)
Library cum cafe A library in combination with a cafe would be an excellent attraction for book lovers. It would enhance their reading experience.
Average: 4.1 (31 votes)
Placement Algorithms Create an algorithm that can determine the best fit for a job in the span of milliseconds. For doing this both applicants and the recruiters give answers to either yes/no questions or grading questions in the scale of ten. The program then gives the perfect job fit.
Average: 4.1 (22 votes)
Online Shopping Site Online Shopping is getting more and more popular. Online shopping can be hassle free and can help customers save money by providing opportunities for comparision shopping .Look for unserved segments or specialised markets for profitable opportunities.
Average: 4.2 (27 votes)
Design Boutiques Custom clothing designs and tailoring for your customers.
Average: 4.1 (19 votes)
Rubber Product Manufacturers Manufacture a variety of rubber products.
Average: 4.1 (17 votes)
Content Creation The organization will create the content for websites of other companies. This will be done either on contract basis or for a fixed fee.
Average: 4.1 (17 votes)
Graphic Designing Designing logos for major organizations or brands for a fee.
Average: 4 (25 votes)
Sports Bar Create a great hang-out for sports fans that will make them want to come back for each game. Since the main attraction in this enterprise is sporting events, sports bars have televisions with a view from every seat, sometimes all tuned to different channels to watch different sports events altogether.
Average: 4 (21 votes)
Consolidated Plumbing/Electrician services Housing societies can be targeted on a subscription basis along with partnerships with hardware stores.Advertising can be accomplished through reference or partnerships.Additional services can include insecticide services and building maintainance.This industry is largely dependent upon individuals and hence a consolidated servicing business could appeal to most housing societies as well as independent owners.Reliability and reachability is an important factor.
Average: 4.2 (23 votes)
Generator Manufacturing Manufacture generator sets; they usually vary by capacity. Choose a capacity which you can afford to manufacture.
Average: 3.5 (17 votes)
Event Management Organize key events for your clients
Average: 4.1 (33 votes)
Candle making There has been a sudden surge in the popularity of scented candles in the past decade. This popularity creates a tremendous business opportunity for the innovative entrepreneur to start a business that manufactures and sells candles.
Average: 4.1 (35 votes)
Online library Just as we can buy books online now-a-days, this is an innovative idea wherein people would be able to surf the entire library online and select the book they want to read which would then be delivered to them at their door step and collected back when they are done reading it.
Average: 4 (22 votes)
Gluten Free Baked Products As an increasing number of people are gluten intolerant, this business venture will cater to their needs.
Average: 4 (26 votes)