The Big List of Business Ideas for Small Business

The big list of Business Ideas

The Big List of Business Ideas for your Small Business.

Scan these Ideas and evaluate thoroughly if you believe the Idea you like has potential in your area.

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'How To ........' Videos

The organization creates 'how to ......' videos for a large number of tasks. The profit is made from the advertisements on the website.

Average: 3.6 (153 votes)
Concept & Examples
3D entertainment

This is a new form of entertainment in India which provides an experience of virtual reality. Hence 3D, 4D and 5D theatres which provide new experience to the viewers are rapidly growing in India. And this experience is unique since it is multisensory.

Average: 3.7 (79 votes)
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3D Printing

3D printing is a field which is growing at an unbelievable rate.A 3D printer can be bought or even made in some cases for a small initial investment.For Example: Phone cases have already been proved as a great profit generating sector by various small 3D printing compaies around the world.

Please read this article to understand the importance of this topic

Average: 3.9 (97 votes)
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3d Visualization Recruitment Services

In the field of 3d architectural visualization, most training classes do not guarantee job placements. There are many small firms that are house operated and one does not know about them, even job portals do not have them on their list. You can visit your city, surf internet and find out most of such small firms that pay well to their employees and act as a recruitment agent.

Average: 4 (43 votes)
Concept & Examples
Aam Papad Making

You can start a business of making aam papad. Aam papads are preferred & consumed by many people, there seems to be an opportunity for providing freshly made aam papad on order. This business can also be done online providing home delivery.

Average: 4 (45 votes)
Concept & Examples

The organization will send people who have knowledge about acupuncture to improve the health and fitness of clients for a fee.

Average: 3.8 (73 votes)
Concept & Examples
Adventure Tourism

The organization handles various trekking or camping tours for people who want to have an adventurous vacation.

Average: 4 (59 votes)
Concept & Examples

Using new techniques for advertising in order to increase client satisfaction like balloons, banners etc.

Average: 3.8 (55 votes)
Concept & Examples
Advertising with Entertainment

The organization will create videos which are disguised to be meant for entertainment but they do also serve as advertising for some companies. The video is not centered on the product yet the viewer will be influenced.

Average: 4.1 (47 votes)
Concept & Examples
Aerobics Center

As people are becoming health conscious, fitness programs have gained popularity. There is a huge demand for fitness clubs focussing on various fitness programs. One can start aerobics center providing the best training to improve overall health.

Average: 4 (33 votes)
Concept & Examples
Affiliate Marketing

Create a website that promotes other organization's products or services for a commission.

Average: 3.7 (81 votes)
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Agriculture Consultancy

The organization will give advice on which crops are best suitable to the particular conditions like climate, irrigation facilities, capital etc. For this the organization will take a consultancy fee.

Average: 4.1 (50 votes)
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Air Charter

Provide companies and other organizations chartered aircrafts for a particular cost for transportation of people and/or products.

Average: 4.1 (32 votes)
Concept & Examples
Air Compressor Manufacturing

Set up a small scale compressor manufacturing business.

Average: 3.9 (61 votes)
Concept & Examples
Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

With increased importance on hygiene, people are using sanitizers to keep their hands clean. The need for sanitizer is more is households with newborn kids. Most sanitizer companies are providing alcohol based sanitizers, which is not preferred by people who don’t like to use alcohol as a cleaning agent, as they have to perform their prayers (pooja/namaz). This creates an opportunity for this business.


Average: 4 (56 votes)
Concept & Examples
Algorithm Developer for Teams

Create algorithms that determine which people will work better in which team through a collection of objective questions. Thus the group made will be made impartially and personal equations will not be considered. This is of growing importance as in most organizations team based approach for problem solving is followed.

Average: 4.1 (36 votes)
Concept & Examples
Ambulance Service

Get into a contract with a hospital or directly set up a service for providing ambulances.

Average: 3.8 (54 votes)
Concept & Examples
Amphibious Advertising

This technique uses inflatable display systems. Thus the billboard can be placed on any surface, land or water - caters to a larger segment of the target market.

Average: 3.8 (29 votes)
Concept & Examples
Angel Investment

Invest in other business ventures to gain better returns if the company does well.

Average: 4 (54 votes)
Concept & Examples
Animal Assisted Therapy Services

Provide animals like dogs to assist therapy of mentally challenged and/or patients undergoing severe stress. This uses the fact that these animals have a healing and calming affect on the people.

Average: 4 (46 votes)
Concept & Examples
Animal Registration

The organization will assist in the registration of pets for a fee. Also it will look after the registration and identification records of these pets.

Average: 4.1 (20 votes)
Concept & Examples
Antique Furniture Sales

Antique furniture is collectible interior furnishings of considerable age. Often its age, rarity, condition, utility, or other unique features makes a piece of furniture desirable as a collectors' item, and thus termed an antique.

Average: 4.1 (9 votes)
Concept & Examples
Antique Shop

Own an antique shop which sells, buys and provides consultancy for antiques. The antique shop could be centric over an era or some articles in particular like jewellery or vases.

Average: 4 (34 votes)
Concept & Examples
Apprenticeship Training

The organization will link the apprentice to an accomplished person in that field for a fee.

Average: 3.9 (37 votes)
Concept & Examples
Aquarium Maintenance Service

Aquarium are bought and installed by pet lovers to keep their pets and also the aquarium acts as a home décor. However the use of aquarium as a décor loses its beauty if not maintained properly. This creates a need and an opportunity. A business of aquarium maintenance can be started; brand awareness can be created via social media.

Average: 4.1 (7 votes)
Concept & Examples

The organization sets up and runs arcades which have arcade games for kids, teenagers and young adults .

Average: 4.1 (27 votes)
Concept & Examples

Aromatherapy is the practice of using volatile plant oils, including essential oils, for psychological and physical well-being. You can start a service to provide aromatherapy, you can also sell essential oils for aromatherapy at home.

Average: 4 (21 votes)
Concept & Examples
Artificial Flowers/Plants for Sale

Flowers or plant plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty of one’s house. Artificial flowers/plants are used by many for home décor, as artificial flowers are easy to maintain and does not require the attention that a real plant needs.

Average: 4 (21 votes)
Concept & Examples
Assistive technology for Disabled

Assistive Technology includes devices for people with disabilities creating greater independence by enabling people to perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish, or had great difficulty accomplishing. This is done by providing enhancements to or changing methods of interacting with the technology needed to accomplish such tasks.

Average: 4.2 (11 votes)
Concept & Examples
Auction Selling

You can sell and resell products through online sites like ebay, amazon for a profit

Average: 4.1 (43 votes)
Concept & Examples
Auto Components

Manufacture different auto components such as clutches, axels, bumpers, shock absorbers, gears etc. Auto components is one of the fastest growing segments in the economy.

Average: 4 (92 votes)
Concept & Examples
Auto Service Station

There is a drastic increase in the number of cars and vehicles due to the growning population. Therefore you may think about setting up an after sales service centre. It could cater to all the needs of the cars and provide them servicing. Also you may start a second hand dealership which could also be very profitable.

Average: 4 (44 votes)
Concept & Examples
Automatic Food Dispenser For Pets

This food dispenser automatically gives out food of specific quantity at a specific time for dogs and cats when the owners are away.

Average: 4 (55 votes)
Concept & Examples
Aviation Services

With the advent of smaller aircrafts, flying has become more accessible to the public. If you have avid interest in flying then you can set up a flying club along with your friends. You can also conduct training sessions for the people. At the same time you could ferry these planes or helicopters between locations and make money as a taxi service.

Average: 4 (40 votes)
Concept & Examples
Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic medicines, also known as alternative medicines are used to cure ailments. If you have the necessary skills, qualifications and expertise, you can start manufacturing ayurvedic medicines for different diseases. The key to success is good distribution network with ayurvedic doctors, chemists etc.

Average: 4.5 (10 votes)
Concept & Examples
Baby Bloomer Suits

Baby bloomer suits are attractive piece of clothing that is comfortable for most of the kids and also looks fashionable. You can start a business of selling baby bloomer online or via store.

Average: 4 (19 votes)
Concept & Examples
Baby Clothes Rental Service

As babies grow out of their clothes in a few months, this service helps parents use baby clothes (sometimes even designer) for a fixed fee per month. This has the potential to be profitable as both the customer and the organization gain.

Average: 4 (53 votes)
Concept & Examples
Baby Hand/Feet Impressions

Create baby hand or feet impressions in brass for a cost.

Average: 4 (44 votes)
Concept & Examples
Baby Pram Manufacturing


India being one of the largest populated countries in the World, the demand for baby products is on rise. You can start manufacturing prams/strollers of different designs, functionality and types. Pricing, brand identification, quality and availability are important factors, there are many brands selling prams in India like mothercare, mom n me etc. of various price range. If you can provide good quality prams at comparatively cheaper rates or can develop unique products like a multipurpose pram (which acts as a battery operated baby bouncer and a pram at the same time) then this idea is worth researching.

Average: 4.1 (20 votes)
Concept & Examples
Baby Toys & Accessories

India being one of the nation’s high in birth rate, toys/accessories like walking cradle, pram, kids motor bike, designer cycles, baby swing etc. can be seen as a lucrative business. Though there are websites like & catering to this need on a large scale, their product range mostly includes branded products like fisherprice which not everyone can afford. There seems to be not many established players offering such products (non branded - mainly from china) at affordable price to cater middle/higher middle class earning segment of the society.


Average: 4 (28 votes)
Concept & Examples
Background Check

The organization will do a background check of potential employees and clients of a company for a fee.

Average: 4 (51 votes)
Concept & Examples

Bakery business provides a range of products like muffins, doughnuts, cakes, different type of breads etc. These products can be sold at storefront retail to the customers and/or can be sold to shops & hotels as distributors.

Average: 4 (56 votes)
Concept & Examples
Bamboo shop

An outlet selling Bamboo products like planks, tiles, balusters, mats, veneer, plywood, boards, etc.

Average: 4.1 (35 votes)
Concept & Examples
Banana Chips Making

With many organized potato chips players in the market, there are a few organized players catering the banana chips crunching customers. If you have the resources, a banana chips manufacturing unit can be started, create a brand, setup strong distribution network with retailers, focus on brand awareness.

Average: 4.1 (33 votes)
Concept & Examples
Banana Fibre Extraction & Weaving

High quality banana fibre is used for making good quality paper and for blending in textile industry. You can start a business of extracting and weaving banana fibre. This business requires skills and good networking.


Average: 4.2 (23 votes)
Concept & Examples
Bandana/Kerchief/Buffs Online Store

A kerchief also known as a bandana, is a triangular or square piece of cloth tied around the head or around the neck for protective or decorative purposes. Bandanas are worn by biking enthusiast, religious purpose, or by people to give a style statement. If you have the passion and knowledge, this business can be further researched upon


Average: 3.7 (7 votes)
Concept & Examples
Barter Systems

The organization will find people or other organizations who want to trade products required by someone for some other products. For this the organization will keep some commission which would then be the revenue of the company.

Average: 4 (46 votes)
Concept & Examples
Basket weaving

Start a business that manufactures and sells made-to-order baskets. This can reap in good profits as people from all walks of life are always searching for the perfect article for home decoration.

Average: 4 (52 votes)
Concept & Examples
Bathroom Fittings

With rising craze for interior designing & home decoration industry, there seems to be an opportunity to provide designer fittings for bathroom. You can either focus on a niche segment of population or can cater with various budget range products.

Average: 4 (35 votes)
Concept & Examples
Battery Manufacturing

The use of batteries is prevalent in almost all aspects of modern life.  Batteries find application from use in personal electronic appliances to commercial vehicles.  Thus, there exists a market for all sizes.  

Average: 4 (82 votes)
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